Would World War III bring-out REAL NWO?

Many had asked, what is “PSEUDO NWO“?

This is a tricky question to answer since, present PSEUDO NWO in power shall try to ensure that “Ignorance is Strength” and “War is peace“.

Actually, if we try to understand our historical facts we become awakened and realize, just winning the war” is not the end of the story, if PEACE is not restored in world.

i.e. period of 1945-1950 holds one of the key, starting from WWII to Nuremberg Trials. Nuremberg trials was also referred to Victors-Trial.

Regardless it gave birth to new polarization of power. Further during the same period many new countries appeared on the face of EARTH.

This period of just 5 Years carved and paved way for future conflicts about to be seen later. Whatever we call some analyst believe that so called NWO has taken birth!

Why this New World Order was only a misnomer to NWO?

Again, history gives us the answer we don’t need rocket science to understand the facts. After formation of new collation of pseudo NWO world started to polarize into two.

Regardless, pseudo NWO had immense power and control over planet earth. This power and control could have been better used to bring PEACE and PROSPERITY to the world but that never happened. Instead on many occasion world became more and more complex and on the edge. On the edge of extinsion where one wrong pressing RED-BUTTON could engulf whole world for next WORLD WAR |||.

Further, World witnessed many GENOCIDES and this pseudo NWO could do nothing except be a mere suspectator. After genocides were committed this NWO could not punish the guilty on same forum/pattern “NUREMBERG” that was made-to-believe as international court of “TRUTH, JUSTICE & LIBERTY” and world now have victory over all the evils of society e.g. genocides, human right violation, terrorism, poverty etc.etc.

One would expect that so-called NWO would be able to curtail if not CEASE GENOCIDE, however, we have entirely opposite picture in current world.

Current Alerts

  • Sudan – Since the Bush Administration first recognized the genocide in Darfur, at least 250,000 more men, women, and children have died. Using its own military and the Janjaweed militia, Sudan’s regime has conducted a systematic campaign to kill and drive out Darfur’s ethnic Fur, Massalit, and Zhagawa peoples. Supported by aircraft and helicopter gunships, the Janjaweed attack towns, villages, and refugee camps, kill the men and boys, rape the women and girls, and poison the wells. Their goal is to replace these African peoples with Arab herders.
  • Ethiopia – In September 2008, Genocide Watch declared a Genocide Warning regarding the war that was being waged against small ethnic minority called Burji in a town of Hagre Mariam by an ethnic Oromo group called Guji. Since then the Guji Oromo have continued to wage protracted war against Burji in various localities, especially in towns and villages surrounding the city of Soyama,  which is 60 Km west of the city of Hagremariam.  Over the course of the last several months there have been heavy loss of lives and damage to Guji properties including destruction of crops and farm equipment.  In January 2009, there were reports of heavy fighting on three different fronts, namely Nadale/ Chuluse front and Gara and Tisho vicinities. News from Hagremariam stated that Guji Oromo warriers were advancing towards Soyama in great numbers.   According to Genocide Watch sources, Guji/Oromo attacks on Buji began on January 22, 2009.   The situation is continues to be dire, and urgent action must be taken to avert further attacks.

  • Chad – BBC News reports that “Chad’s government has accused Sudan of ‘exporting the genocide’ in Darfur across the border,” while the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof writes “Over the past week, Sudan has sponsored a full-scale invasion of Chad, seeking to oust Chad’s president and replace him with the warlord who has overseen the murder, rape and pillage in those border areas. Sudan seems determined to extend its genocide to Chad, and the upshot is that the catastrophe of Darfur may now be multiplied manyfold.”

  • Zimbabwe – Genocide is a process and not an event. The Mugabe regime has committed genocide before and it has begun the genocidal process again. Beginning on May 19, 2005, Operation Murambatsvina (“Operation Drive out the Filth”), having already left 700,000 homeless, and directly impacting the lives of a further 2.4 million, is the most recent manifestation of the Mugabe/ZANU-PF’s systematic progression toward a governmental policy of overt mass murder.

  • Burma/Myanmar – Burma, Southeast Asia’s most oppressed nation, remains under the forty-three year tyranny of a military junta and should be a grave concern to the international community. Abuse of ethnic minorities, mass rape of women, mandatory relocations, extrajudicial state executions, military recruitment of children, and forced labor are only a few of the many violations of human rights currently practiced in the resource rich but economically impoverished nation.1 The regime change of 2004 which deposed General Khin Nyunt in favor of Lieutenant General Soe Win continues to suppress the strong movement for democracy, keeping Burma in a cyclical state of tyranny.
  • Uzbekistan – Six years ago, a series of bombs exploded in the administrative center of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. That same day, President Islam Karimov stated that “in order to save peace and calm in the republic,” he was willing to sacrifice the lives of a few. Although the context of his declaration implies that he is referring to terrorists, the subsequent arrests of more than 7,000 Uzbeks reveal that the president’s perception of a national threat actually means anyone who disputes his absolute authority. Genocide Watch has concluded that the government of Uzbekistan is using the real threat of Islamic extremism as a pretext for silencing popular expressions of discontent.

  • Kenya Genocide Watch has called a Genocide Alert because of genocidal massacres that are increasing daily in Kenya in the wake of a disputed election between President Mwai Kibaki, who is a member of the Kikuyu ethnic group, and Mr. Raila Odinga, who is ethnically a Luo. Ethnic riots have broken out in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, and numerous other places in Kenya. People have been pulled from their cars and their identification cards checked for their names, which symbolize their ethnic identity, and then killed if they belong to groups being targeted. Hundreds of people have already been murdered. Today a church in Eldoret was locked and the people inside were burned to death by a mob.
    Ethnic massacres are an indicator that the risk of genocide in Kenya has risen to Stage 6, the Preparation stage.Kenya has not yet descended into actual genocide. However, the next stage in the process is actual genocide, and Kenya is close to that stage.

  • Burundi– The people of Burundi have been confronted with war, genocide, economic decline and tyranny for over five decades.  At least two major genocides have occurred since independence in 1962.  In 1972, the Tutsi army murdered a whole generation of young, educated, and prosperous Hutus, a genocide that cost at least 150,000 lives.  1993-1995 brought a deluge of mass murders of both Hutus and Tutsis, culminating in a civil war that cost 300,000 lives.
Apart from above, gross human right violations is destabilizing world along with terrorism.
In closing, I would only like to add that perhaps much feared WW III is what appears to be on horizon due to approaching time-line.
Now it remains to be seen that would World War III bring-out REAL NWO?

Well, while world works out how to tackle WW-III,

minorities are working out for their peace and prosperity and how to safe-guard

their identity?

How minorities can prepare for or avert next possible GENOCIDE?
Again for those who believe that by year 2012 the world would end,
I would only like to say that what they call as “End of Beginning” I perceive it as “Beginning of END”.

“Beginning of END” OF PSEUDO NWO (New World Order).


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