RAPE PANDEMIC of ‘incorrigible india’ & SOLUTION!

‘incorrigible india’ RAPE PANDEMIC and SOLUTION!


JUL 25 2013, whole world shall be watching ‘incorrigible india’ disinformation campaign of INJUSTICE to RAPES by RULERS and ELECTED under democracy banner and for more than this reason, ‘incorrigible india’ is a DEMOCRACY DARLING?

First verdict due in fatal India gang rape trials


JUL 25 2013 ‘incorrigible india rapist’ is all set to SHOWCASE  INJUSTICE to women who are sexually assaulted and raped mostly/ghastly by ELECTED RULERS and ELITE shall deliver verdict to a JUVENILE kid sparing ELECTED RULERS RAPING women by abuse of political POWER!

The complete STATE CONTROLLED biased media/tv shall SHOWCASE ‘RAPE SAGA’ and neglect/ignore the root cause and perversion culture inculcated by ELECTED RULERS RAPING women openly.


The PAID state controlled MEDIA/TV has NO GUTS to question their RAPIST RULERS, NO NO NO, neither does corrupt/morally-bankrupt judiciary/courts, who shall take PRIDE in passing verdict to a JUVENILE kid.

RAPE is a RAPE and by-all means I endorse punishing the CULPRIT, however why does democracy equates to ‘small thieves gets ARRESTED and master/major LOOTERS gets ELECTED’ perhaps that the new paradigm shift enforced by DEMOCRATIC-ALLIANCE ‘US & israel india’!

However, going back and taking a quick glance at history of ‘incorrigible india’ we infer that RAPES of UNDERAGE-GIRLS by ELITE were LEGALIZED/customized and passed-on generations-to-generations for centuries under tradition of ‘DEV-DASSI GIRLS’

RAPED by ELITE/rulers of ‘incorrigible india’, centuries-old-tradition!


In above eye-opener article we find that select-upper-class were RAPING-underage-girls for CENTURIES under ‘dev-dassi-tradition’!

READ: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/prostitutes-of-god-2082290.html

Now the PLIGHT of exploitation/harassment  of innocent women does not end here but we find that even FOREIGN TOURISTS also became VICTIMS to this CULTURE of RAPES set-by RULERS of ‘incorrigible india’!

Patrick French vividly describes plight of ELECTED RULERS of ‘incorrigible india’:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-YJEDxJE8g

1 Women Raped in every 20 min in ‘incorrigible india’, its a RAPE PANDEMIC!

Reference: http://crowdvoice.org/sexual-assault-in-india

‘GRUESOME and GORE’, SWISS women VICTIM’s HUSBAND was held hostage in this GORE GANG RAPE act of india:

Question, how-come RAPE has become PANDEMIC in ‘incorrigible india’?

Actually the root cause lies in the NEXUS  RULERS/COURTS/LAWMAKERS have  formed formidable foundation fostering  RAPES, apparently.






ELECTED RULERS and ELITE have set this CULTURE, yes!

HP ELECTED RULERS ‘jyoti doon mla, case’
Harayana ELECTED ‘geetika and kanda’, case,
superCOP KPS GILL  to Mrs Bajaj sexual harassment case,
PUNJAB elected RULER Shiromani Akali Dal leader, Ranjit Singh was caught sexually harassing POLICE/COP DAUGHTER openly, yes!
‘Ruchika and rathore superCOP’ case,
one can GO on and on…….NO END

Geetika suicide case: Gopal Kanda charged with rape and unnatural

India Today-May 10, 2013
Despite the police giving a clean chit to Kanda on charges of sexual abuse, the court held that sexual exploitation of Geetika by the accused

one can GO on and on…….NO END

Patrick French vividly describes plight of ELECTED RULERS of ‘incorrigible india’:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-YJEDxJE8g
You never know which RULER is a RAPIST!

EVERY WOMEN of ‘incorrigible india’ MUST APPLY FOR ‘WEAPON LICENSE’ now!

Only LEGAL TERRORISTS ‘courts/lawmakers/rulers’ shall resist in weaponizing women:

‘incorrigible india’ is a RAPE based ECONOMY?
*SELLING YOUNG GIRLS……incorrigible india*

‘time after time, place after place, face after face, RAPE after RAPE of UNDERAGE@incorrigible-india’

*Here’s the PROOF*:

CULTURE of SELLING YOUNG GIRLS by ELITE of ‘incorrigible india’……………….?

again, 10 year old GIRL RAPED……

HAVE U INVESTED in ‘incorrigible india’?
‘incorrigible india’ can provide you the BEST PERFORMANCE for your invested MONEY……

‘incorrigible india’ is a RAPE based ECONOMY…..?

NUMBER 1. That India remains one of the most violent nations to live in has been further reinforced by NCRB’s ‘Crime in India’ report – 2012. The total incidence of violent crimes has increased by 65 percent in 2012 over the previous year.

NUMBER 2: http://zeenews.india.com/exclusive/30-key-crime-facts-about-india_6418.html

ELECTED DICTATORS of ‘incorrigible india’:
Patrick French: Indian democracy fails on almost every count – IQ2 debate

Imprisoned man wants to run for Congress


PAID by ‘GOVERNMENT of india’ —-
RAPIST RULERS of ‘incorrigible india’:



CULTURE of SELLING YOUNG GIRLS by ELITE of ‘incorrigible india’……………….?
‘incorrigible india’ elected RULERS have set the CULTURE of RAPES……

RAPES by ‘incorrigible india’ FACTS & FIGURES 2013:


India’s Fastest Growing Crime: Kidnapping Of Women & Girls 



We can call  ‘incorrigible india’ a RAPE-BASED ECONOMY NOW with conviction, correct?


EPITOME of ABUSE-of-POWER by ELECTED RULERS of ‘incorrigible india’:

LAW and ORDER in PUNJAB, india!



When 3 US PRESIDENTS RUSHED to  ‘incorrigible india’ in 2000 DECADE alone, there has to be some pressing urgency, perhaps they wanted to implement 1984 in US by learning ‘1984 implementation of incorrigible-india in 1984’, where thousands were massacred and innocent WOMEN RAPED…..



Patrick French vividly describes plight of ELECTED RULERS of ‘incorrigible india’:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-YJEDxJE8g

We can call  ‘incorrigible india’ a RAPE-BASED ECONOMY NOW with conviction, correct?


SOLUTION to RAPING of WOMEN by ELECTED RULERS/ELITE of ‘incorrigible india’:

What solutions are in hand that are pragmatic and proactive?

WEAPONIZE WOMEN, your never know which RULER is  a RAPIST!


For now, stay-glued to your MASS-MEDIA-DISINFORMATION coverage of JULY 25-2013 juvenile rape verdict while RULERS/JUDGES/COPS enjoy abuse-of-power to RAPE, no no no MASS PAID MEDIA won’t cover verdict to ELECTED RULERS RAPING pandemic, apparently!


Unfortunate but true,

1 Women Raped in every 20 min in ‘incorrigible india’,      its a RAPE PANDEMIC!

Reference: http://crowdvoice.org/sexual-assault-in-india

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7 Responses to RAPE PANDEMIC of ‘incorrigible india’ & SOLUTION!

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  2. ** 1984 ASSAULT on TEMPLE by ARMY **


    Killing of muslim for hindu facebook postinghttp://twocircles.net/2014jun04/muslim_techie_beaten_death_right_wing_hindu_radicals_pune_another_critical.html

    all, people are getting arrested for any comments or question raised on modi, so now FREE speech against elected BJP rulers of india is BANNED by BJP, enjoy slavery?? Read:http://mdaily.bhaskar.com/article/referer/4444/t/320//article-ht/BAN-bangalore-anti-narendra-modi-message-on-whatsapp-goes-viral-5-students-arrested–4625138-NOR.html

    1984 bluestar ops by indian army that went on killing sikhs including innocent children/women now includes hindu memorial claiming hindus were killed under operation bluestar 1984 —–http://m.economictimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/new-memorial-for-hindus-killed-in-operation-blue-star-raises-temperatures/articleshow/36073226.cms

    1984 DEMOCIDE details Immoral courts/judges of india cant be jailed only innocent citizen victim of injustice are jailed http://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152499629917994&id=719822993&refid=17

    MONKEY COURTS of INDIA: 20 million pending cases and COURTS have time to have FUN and enjoy holidays for their decades of CALLOUS dealings and judgement, enjoy SLAVERY!


    Women beaten by courts gangsters?
    jail immoral courts/judges of india —-http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/lawyers-attack-molestation-victim-in-delhi-court/article6043653.ece

    RACIST RAPIST of india enjoying UNDER MONKEY COURTS of india!

    Courts and cops have started dancing to the tune of their new masters BJP ???? Citizens must hide now —- http://m.timesofindia.com/City/Goa/Goa-Congress-ask-BJP-government-to-withdraw-case-against-citizen-for-anti-Modi-Facebook-comments/articleshow/35525749.cms

    After 1984 injustice only SLAVE sikhs rush to india MONKEY courts ……. 1984 and monkey courts of india justice and their lawyershttp://m.firstpost.com/india/30-years-after-operation-bluestar-sikhs-still-feel-hurt-betrayed-1553883.html
    Racist rapist india wants complete control over communications social media now……they want to shutdown TRUTH now:

    1984 wip india —— must read

    Deal all forward this fearlessly, u never know who is next victim of RACIST rapist india: Request RUSSIA to question its UNSC members to furnish report regarding security of its citizens during Critical JUNE UNSC session.

    There are many rogue nations included in UNSC that are RACIST and RAPIST apart from running MONKEY justice system like racist rapist india proud UNSC member, more than 20million case pending in MONKEY courts of india!

    Racist rapist india monkey justice system:
    monkey courts of india? http://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152491978502994&id=719822993&_rdr#10152518233302994

    Racist rapist india raping underage girls openly: Racist rapist shame of the world and its leaders ‘india racist rapist’, enjoy slavery! Why india has RACIST rapes????


    largest organized criminals http://www.oneworldpress.wordpress.com if u r ethnic minority in racist india then god only save u from raping india racist proud UNSC member, 1 rape every 10 mins unofficial stats of racist rapist india shame of UNSC/world, india monkey justice system also murders 65000 married men each year, enjoy slavery!

    Why modi PM is quite and silent on racist rapes in india?
    Is modi hiding racism??
    Remember proud racist rapist india is SHAME of the whole world!

    R u living life of slave in democratic india? Check these facts 1. Can an innocent citizen jail elected criminals 2. Can innocent victim jail unjust judge or immoral courts of india? 3. Can innocent citizen charge largest organized criminal for their crimes on humanity? i can keep writing but slavery is what they want can u resist??? democratic india has world largest number of slaves 15million+ but no one jails these criminalswww.oneworldpress.wordpress.com enjoy slavery in india ……. Immoral and unjust courts of india only deliver justice when caught red-handed and cant lie anymore: http://beforeitsnews.com/international/2011/11/whistleblower-brutal-murdertorture-case-finally-upheld-1328508.html

    install cameras in courts for public views to catch immoral jerk judges/courts of india red-handed else enjoy SLAVERY: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152491978502994&id=719822993&refid=17

    Now JAIL immoral judges/courts of india for murdering 65000 men per year using legal terrorism —– http://khalistannewsblogspotcom.blogspot.in/2013/05/declare-india-legal-terrorist-state.html

  3. 2016 PREDATORS AWARD goes to ‘india admin’

    Paradigm shift in cognitive dissonance enforced upon all of humanity without consent by Largest Organized Criminals (gov)


    #PREDATORindiaADMIN http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/inpictures/2016/11/blind-kashmir-100-pellets-lodged-head-161124075129498.html

    2016 Predators award goes to india admin

    #predatorINDIAadmin 2016 ACHIEVEMENTS

    SIKHEXIT 2017


    Rapes were humiliating for the entire Kashmiri community and demoralising. As a result, women were made to cover their faces and wear burqas. Their movements were restricted.
    But after a point they had to go out and work because the men were being killed, or were in jail. There are hundreds of half-widows in Kashmir – women whose husbands disappeared.
    Butt and Natasha Rather speak about the effect of militarisation in Kashmir [Urvashi Sarkar/Al Jazeera]
    Since the year 2000, more women started working. Now, many own big businesses, boutiques and beauty parlours, and are in the bureaucracy.

    But the result of militarisation is that [Kashmiri women] dread men in uniform. We won’t enter a park, if we see them sitting even far away, or walk down streets where there is an army bunker.

    The PREDATORS among US #predatorINDIAadmin

    A popular Toronto-based Punjabi television host has sparked outrage and a social media backlash after suggesting female international students from India are lazy and promiscuous home wreckers and are coming to Canada just to find men and get married.

    Are INDIA females lazy and promiscuous home wreckers and are coming to Western NATIONS just to find men and get married???

    Muslims rebukes Supreme Court of India on Tripple-Talaq Marriage-Divorce HIJACK, Muslims are NOT like SIKHS where SC can HIJACK Muslims Personal Laws and Values under FAKE dogma of Providing Justice n Security by ‘Court inc’

    Triple talaq: Jamiat tells SC no scope for interference with Muslim personal law

    KASHEXIT 2017
    #KASHEXIT https://www.change.org/p/un-human-rights-council-investigate-india-for-human-rights-violations-in-kashmir

    SIKHEXIT 2017

    GENDER-WAR was indicated way-before SIKHS could understand their RIGHTS shall be HIJACKED by india admin


    Non-Hindus have no security and no rights under #predatorINDIAadmin they are mere SLAVES no-matter how many non-hindu stooches india admin employs officials to paint non-hindus as Hindus.

    Enslaved Non-Hindus fate & future is certain by #predatorindiaADMIN per following agenda and guidelines, read complete below facts


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