India’s true YOGA is its HUMAN RIGHTS achievements

India’s true YOGA is its HUMAN RIGHTS achievements

JUN 21st 2016,   india on MASSIVE scale celebrating inter-NATIONAL YOGA DAY, good for those that have empathy still alive however what is soo conspicuous about india and YOGA don’t go together in present pretext, lets delve into this a bit to enlighten our souls performing this SIMPLE ‘awareness YOGA’ today, shall we?

While india is known for having origin of YOGA, practice where human body, mind and spirits achieve higher level of awareness and empathy for others. However, is india YOGA teacher for the world becoming empathy-less and apathy-more obnoxious beast to recon with? india has been inconspicuously raging various covert war with neighboring nations like China and Pakistan over REAL-ESTATE issues however for past many decades KASHMIR has become center-of-contemplation for india, india’s true YOGA is Human Rights achievements.



Colossal Human Rights Abuses by india on Kashmiries has never been fully depicted on international scale since, india quickly bribes international agencies to cover it under the carpet. Kashmir and its people have been always vocal on their right to self determination however under the RULE-of-GUN by indias authorities everything meets the same end in the end!

Why can’t massive people outcry for self determination for liberation from india’s oppressive rule be heard in International Courts for Justice when and where india fails to deliver justice under pretext of ‘domestic legal terrorism’.

DOMESTIC LEGAL TERRORISM by india, just few glimpses




while india has overwhelming laws for everything under the sun to CRIMINALIZE ‘innocent and unarmed’ citizen, however when it comes to addressing genuine human rights abuses or right for self-determination india hides under corner?


india has grown to a complete obnoxious BEAST that violates Human Rights of its own citizen and then extorts money/resources from ‘unarmed and innocent’ citizens india’s growing religious intolerance has recently again sprung up on global scale with its minority religious sections just recently Oct 2015 (Village Behbal Kalan, punjab, india) two ethnic minority background were openly killed by indian government just because they were performing peaceful protest against government in-action on saving their religion from increasing attacks. read more 


again, on apr 2016 47 policemen to life imprisonment for killing 10 Sikh pilgrims in a fake encounter in Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh 25 years ago.



Final Results, india home grown or domestic ‘legal terrorism’ spares none for NOT obeying to its unjustified laws that are ULTIMATE but phony justification used as an excuse to usurp exercise of jurisdiction – sjsrana Recently massive agitation was called by ethnic minority Haryaana JAT by protesting against Government of India against racist and discriminatory policy against Harayana JAT community.

As a result protesters took to Government of india cops that attacked protesters in Harayana during Mar-Apr 2016 massive outcry. some insights are found here,

harayana JAT community revolted against government discrimination in 2016


Simmering cases are erupting from across india how they are openly oppressing ‘innocent and unarmed’ citizens however, International Criminal Courts or UN have so far only expressed concerns but no action on overwhelming and over-decades of increasing domestic LEGAL TERRORISM by india. OPEN QUESTION: Who owns KASHMIR is the real question that citizens should be asking? Is it Kashmir people or outsiders ???

Over the years, Rasheed has been on forefront in taking up issues of alleged human rights violations. After the firing by the army in Handwara on April 12, Rasheed launched scathing attack on the army and supported anti-army and anti-India protests in Handwara. Even today he was demanding tabling of report about Handwara killings. Rasheed, who is MLA from Langate Handwara, has launched his own party, Awami Itihad Party (AIP). read more,


It is for all these reasons that India must be held accountable for these human rights violations. Civilians have suffered since the 1990s without any assistance from international bodies. We would therefore like the Human Rights Council to take account of the evidence with a view to mounting an investigation into the serious oppression and human rights violations suffered by the people of Kashmir.

Jan. 1989 to March 31, 2016
Total Killings 94,332
Custodial Killings 7,043
Civilians Arrested 133,387
Structures Arsoned/Destroyed 106,063
Women Widowed 22,810
Children Orphaned 107,556
Women gang-raped / Molested 10,176
Enforced Disappearances 10,000 +

Listing few but not limited to india’s 1984 GENOCIDE, 2002 Gujarat massacre, Kashmir over 200,000 abuses and increasing every day, Final Results, india home grown or domestic ‘legal terrorism’ spares none for NOT obeying to its unjustified laws that are ULTIMATE but phony justification used as an excuse to usurp exercise of jurisdiction – sjsrana


Do you see the same thing as I have been viewing “HIJACKING OF HUMANITY legally”


World RACISM chart that india is on-top when being racist nation


Therefore, india now has Domestic Legal Terrorism industry with 350 BILLION US$ involved of average citizen and now every 1 in 4 indian citizen is fighting court battle ‘domestic legal terrorism’ no other nation in the world comes even near india’s achievements and india is still known to world as nation of “peaceful YOGA”, keep enjoying!

True YOGA begins home, your own home is your body, immaculate thoughts carves immaculate karma that carves immaculate soul, eternally – sjsrana


By 2020 INDIA domestic LEGAL TERRORISM would cross 500+ BILLION US$,     one of the largest and fastest growing market in the world, india would ask world VC  to join  with  joint venture soon  –   sjsrana



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