People world-over have been fascinated and motivated by ET Extra Terrestrial life forms, numerous  accounts of records show when,where ET might have had first contact with Earth-lings.

While our search of ET life forms are primarily for gaining unknown knowledge or advance science or perhaps ascension to next level for earthlings have captivated the most.

People are also paranoid pertaining predators in ET encounters where their predatory instincts ramifications are of great concern for humanity as its seen as harbinger of ELE by ET.

ELE –  Extinction Level Event by PREDATOR

When we ponder as bit on this we are aware that if ever one is have such ET encounter even once the whole ET aspirations would cease to exist since mere understanding PREDATORY nature of ET would be petrifying enough to put us all in defensive stance.

While I do not know where they come from   but   I do know they are here and very much live among us, walk among us.

Before I introduce them to you I would like you to take a look as concept that was vividly depicted in movie predator 1987 directed by John McTiernan.

Here we find exceptional technological advancement of PREDATOR weaponry impairs earthlings that first tried to understand what’s going on, later figured out what’s going on ‘killing spree’, then conjured some strategy to cope-up with situation.

movie ‘predator’ 1987 directed by John McTiernan





Do we have same PREDATORS on EARTH, among us, walking among us?

PREDATORs that we can’t SEE can’t be mistaken that to what we can SEE but dismissed as we can’t SEE – sjsrana

IPRA DATABASE reveals something we all SEE that we don’t wish to SEE.

For security reason ‘adding extra space’ to below web site since only direct http requests thru web are allowed to view IPRA DATABASE, you can always google-it as ‘IPRA  1081642’.

http://portal .iprachicago. org/1081642-2/

Do you now see?


Chicago Police Chief, Protesters at Odds Over Body Cameras


While US has mandated PAID-Uniform people to wear Body-Cameras so that PREDATORS can be understood properly who are at-large in PUBLIC and those observing PUBLIC alike.

However, world-over Governments that hone PREDATORY system of governance deter PAID-uniform people to wear Body-CAMS.

When we learn and understand why would Organized body working on TAXES of Citizens dismiss wearing Body-CAMS when in PAID-UNIFORM it can make anyone paranoid of the outcome and ramifications.

‘Why HIDE when you HAVE nothing to HIDE’ 

Only PREDATORS work in perfect camouflage to conceal there whereabouts and their deeds however have we accepted PAID-uniform people uniformity over being UNSEEN?

If so then we must be prepared to expect unexpected, complete lack of accountability and impunity of dreaded deeds comes to surface.

New type of PREDATORS shall be created in LABS once below gets approval from US.

Freak of nature: FDA approves genetically engineered mosquitoes to combat Zika virus

The scheme, led by British-based biotech company Oxitec, created the transgenic male Aedes aegypti mosquito, with a trait designed so that any offspring will require antibiotics to develop beyond the larval stage.

The genetically modified mosquito, also known as OX513A, was designed to help control the mosquito-borne diseases of the Aedes aegypti, known to transmit potentially debilitating human diseases, including Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya.

Best LIVE EXAMPLE,  india thriving PREDATORS

PREDATORS don’t like to be SEEN, remember NO VISUALS 1st rule of PREDATORS

Lets take a short excursion to understand the extent of LIVE examples of PREDATION in-action.



Imagine innocent living in india doing its daily chores, mostly unaware of DECEPTIVE LAWS that india would use against innocent to either drag in lengthy court battles where over 35 MILLION pending cases with over 300 million  involving 350 BILLION US$ in courts of india, therefore 25% of INDIA are enticed into COURT BATTLES by india intentionally.

Now there are laws for everything in india mostly when india admin involved innocent its based on FABRICATED/FAKE details just so that other PARTY can EXTORT money of-course everyone makes MONEY/BOUNTY this way, admin is happy as its GENERATING more revenue for STATE of INDIA apart from BRIBERY to concerned OFFICERS/OFFICIALS that everyone knows but fear to divulge the TRUTH.


INDIA ADMIN has complete control of MEDIA CENSORSHIP they are exercising INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE advantage including UNSC/UN to silence their in-humane ‘DOMESTIC VIOLENCE’ that slaughtered 50 and seriously injured 4000 innocents apart from over 300,000 innocent FARMERS choose to SUICIDE in past 2 decades of INDIA RULE.

Recently from the most of JULY 2016 world has witnessed india OCCUPIED KASHMIR dragged into ‘DOMESTIC VIOLENCE‘ by india FORCES openly.

India admin strategy is to DISABLE YOUTH of    KASHMIR just like they have successfully implemented in PUNJAB state   during earlier decade of 1984

AUG 4th 2016 india’s ‘internal affair’ deeds, occupied KASHMIR enters 30th Day of Curfew, protest against Government forced  occupation  per  people residing there.

PELLET DEMOCIDE‘ of india that    india proudly EXTOLS its ‘internal affair’ with its people.

India admin strategy is to target YOUTH of KASHMIR so that they can dismount FUTURE GENERATION from REVOLTING against india’s OCCUPATION by FORCE.
Epitome of PELLET-infliction,   300 PELLET on 1 person by PREDATORS of india, can you imagine the excruciating PAIN and agony of the VICTIM.
Riyaz, 20, was an ATM guard and had gone to inspect an ATM machine in the area in the evening when curfew is relaxed. PTI reported that according to the X-ray report, the body showed presence of more than 300 pellets inside it.
India forces have disabled by seriously injuring gun pellets over 4000 KASHMIR innocents, impairing the YOUTH and yet calling them ‘militia JUNTA’

“The Kashmiri youth are writing new chapters of sacrifices to get the attention of Human Rights Activists to apprise the world that Kashmir was “not an internal matter” of India nor can india SHUN KASHMIR STRUGGLE for FREEDOM and DIGNITY as mere ‘militia JUNTA’, india must move forward and understand FREEDOM is BASIC RIGHT of every human being it’s not just reserved for ‘MAJORITY HINDU’ of india.

PELLET DEMOCIDE by india 2016

Wow, india wants/wishes to continue unabated SLAUGHTERS, Human Rights Violations and still does not want to FACE a FREE and FAIR TRIAL in International Criminal Courts or any COURT of LAW, ‘incredible india’ indeed!

When we asked india admin to EXPLAIN 300,000 innocent FARMERS of india disappearance in past 2 decades, we were provided with jawdropping answer that co-related to ‘PREDATORs in INDIA’ thriving.


‘Ghosts’ to blame for Indian farmer suicides, not crop failure – state gov


A staggering 300,000 farmers have died by suicide in India over the past 20 years, with the highest in Maharashtra state with 60,000. Government of INDIA has answers for everything on EARTH, they can explain anything with ‘THEORY of EVERYTHING‘!


NO ARREST, No COURT CASE, NO TRIAL, only few statements to cover-up and rest life as casual as possible, since ‘incredible india internal AFFAIRS’ has become habitual casual in claiming casualties.

india admin habitual ‘casual in casualties’,
now everyone can take same casual approach and carry-on DAILY CHORES of the day presuming as-if nothing transpired everything is fine, pay your TAXES in time, follow and respect unjust laws laid by rulers, watch more TV/shows/movies daily, casually calm your inner-soul to become empathy-less on apathy of human-casualties, another day shall soon arrive with repeat of same vicious cycle of INJUSTICE and intolerance on innocent running amok.

Why innocents from INDIA keep enduring excesses and extra judical slaughters since independence from UK occupation on 1947, to better understand i’m gong to urge you watch this simple traditional practice that make india innocents ‘take whatever it takes’, watch video attached below how innocents from india are able to withstand the ordeal of challenges presented to them by their RULERS. 

Perhaps ‘india admin’ wants world innocents to understand and learn, things that can’t be cured must be endured and that can’t be endured can’t be cured. WATCH ‘pain is nothing’ from india.




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Only selfless service to Humanity is WORK-worth-something, rest all WORK-worth-nothing! - Surinderjit Singh

5 Responses to The PREDATORS among US

  1. PREDATORS identity crisis

  2. PREDATOR or PROTECTOR and WOMEN state today

    WATCH in action

    ‘Sex was consensual’: Assange reveals ‘denial of rape’ claims given to Swedish prosecutor

    Why has it become so easy for STATE to usurp individual RIGHTS and ARREST has become as easy as TERRORIST killing armed person.

    What is the the difference between a STATE run by TERRORIST or TERRORIST run STATE when end-result is making INNOCENT SUFFER?

    We have been trying to unravel how recently STATE has become overwhelming OBSESSED that it has started to HIJACK HUMANITY EMPATHY.

    RAPE is a serious CHARGE requires SERIOUS EVIDENCES however STATE has made a JOKE by ARRESTING INNOCENTS,

    While all this is going on and world is trying to GRAPPLE how to deal with real crime and NOT just keep arresting INNOCENTS across the world revolution is brewing up against OPPRESSION and REPRESSION by STATE:


    We’re ALL being PLAYED, at the end of the day QUEEN and PAWN rests in the SAME BOX!


    The approval of several of Sun’s key drugs in the United States, the drugmaker’s biggest market, depends on the clearance on its Halol plant in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

    A warning letter issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last year over violations found at the plant has already been hurting the company’s sales.



    We’re ALL being PLAYED, at the end of the day QUEEN and PAWN rests in the SAME BOX!


    So let’s gather developing perspective on something that STATE want’s no-one/nobody to expose their problem reaction solution hegelian dialectic of india.

    Has GOV now become
    Largest Organized Crime

    On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 6:47 PM, Surinderjit Singh wrote:

    Blind in Kashmir with 100 pellets lodged in his head


    BREAKING: #DonaldTrump named TIME Person of the Year for 2016×38 #TIMEPOY

    TRUMP to TRIUMPH KASHMIR quest for independence

    Folks, per recent reports TRUMP new US Prez Elect has been seriously contemplating on resolving KASHMIR independence from india brutal admin occupation. Trump has recently telcon with Pakistan PM to ascertain the gravity of situation from both india and pakistan standpoint on Kashmir Independence from india’s BRUTAL occupation leaving over 111 dead 11,111 impaired in just over 111 DAYS of protests against brutal occupation by force of india admin.

    TRUMP to TRIUMPH KASHMIR quest for independence

    TRUMP to TRIUMPH KASHMIR quest for independence

    If we take the last 126 days alone, Kashmiris have lost too much — 100 bodies and counting; more than 10,000 wounded, 1,100 plus eye injuries due to pellet firing, among severe damage caused to perforated organs

    The global community may not hear of Kashmiri movement as an “uprising” but as a mere “unrest”, or even “terrorism” because that helps India to misrepresent the demand for self- determination. But all this should fall hollow in what Kashmiris have made the world witness in these past few months. They have sent a crystal clear message to the world: their fight is not for reparations or lifting laws like AFSPA, but for the right to exist as an independent country.

    Sample this: two Kashmiri boys with bandages on their left eyes lie on a hospital bed in Srinagar. When the boys are asked if they would protest again, they promptly respond, “Why not, we still have one eye left.”

    PREDATOR india admin

    Perforations are our Prerogative – india admin

    Perforations are our Prerogative – india admin

    india admin is PLAYING a GAME

    india admin has only two answers to all the problems ‘Terrorists’ or ‘Pakistan Hand’ therefore, everytime anything happens in india ‘india admin’ is quick to blame on above two pre-decided answers.

    india admin has not done this dis-information campaign for the first time, actually india admin is known to the world as Master of DECEIT and DECEPTION where everyone participates in SHADOW ECONOMY BOOM forcing latest PM MODI to STRANGULATE india admin by completely abruptly banning Reserve Bank of India RUPEE 500 and 1000 thereby leaving over 70 DEAD overnight those can’t bear the SHOCK.

    25 Nov 2016

    Keep them confused and criminalized for greater control…

    JAILED activist RELEASED by india admin

    Parvez said on his Facebook page that the 76 days of detention were a difficult time for him and his family.

    “I won’t let this difficulty make me bitter, instead my resolve for peace and justice has got strengthened,” he said.

    Parvez is the program coordinator and spokesman of a Kashmiri rights group, the Jammu-Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society. It expressed “overwhelming gratitude to the local and international solidarity campaign for his release that was crucial in securing his freedom.”

    “The struggle for the release of Khurram Parvez is a part of the larger struggle against unlawful detentions, state impunity and the use of repressive laws such as PSA,” the group said in a statement. It said it “reiterates its commitment to the struggle for truth, justice and the rights of all people” in the region.

    Keep them confused and criminalized for greater control

    Let’s gather developing perspective on something that STATE want’s no-one/nobody to expose their problem reaction solution hegelian dialectic

    What are you going to do when STATE participates in massive ops to confuse masses where its utterly fails to convince?

    What are you going to do when STATE does not corrects its incorrectness?

    What are you going to do when STATE official policy becomes to keep its masses down-under useless cases/causes criminalizing everyone every passing day?

    Well we have already covered how STATE is covertly and overtly acting behind the curtain to confuse masses.

    So let’s gather developing perspective on something that STATE want’s no-one/nobody to expose their problem reaction solution hegelian dialectic of india.

    Discerning the facts from daily internal affairs of india we find india admin can’t cease to care taking care of call for independent Kashmir from occupation just like Kash – Cash issue, Killing Kids won’t intimidate Kashmir people their right of self determination despite UK/US support to india admin on occupation.
    Let’s gather developing perspective on something that STATE want’s no-one/nobody to expose their problem reaction solution hegelian dialectic

    Keep them all CRIMINALIZED – india admin

    We’re ALL being PLAYED, at the end of the day QUEEN and PAWN rests in the SAME BOX!


    declared dead
    declared dead close to midnight after 75 days in hospital

    External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj’s transplant likely next week


    We’re ALL being PLAYED, at the end of the day QUEEN and PAWN rests in the SAME BOX!

    Muslims rebukes Supreme Court of India on Tripple-Talaq Marriage-Divorce, Muslims are NOT like SIKHS where SC can HIJACK Muslims Personal Laws and Values under FAKE dogma of Providing Justice n Security by ‘Court inc’

    Triple talaq: Jamiat tells SC no scope for interference with Muslim personal law

    Jamiat in its counter affidavit says the Muslim personal law enshrines triple talaq, nikah halala and polygamy which is based on the Holy Quran

    On November 5, 1971, Nixon, in a conversation with Kissinger had abused Indira Gandhi, calling her a “***” and a “witch”, while Kissinger had added that “the Indians are ** anyway”. The transcript of that conversation had been declassified by the state department in 2005.

    indira gandhi later forced india admin to wage full scale MILITARY WAR on ethnic minority of india desolating their sacred TEMPLE ‘HariMandir Sahiab’ aka Golden Temple during 1984 GENOCIDE that was later in 2014 accepted for the first time by india admin as GENOCIDE of SIKHS in 1984.

    While world over people now understand and realize the Indira Gandhi was a living BLOT on india secularism, however india admin can’t admit the GUILT even after openly admitting 1984 GENOCIDE of SIKHS and desolation of ‘HariMandir Sahib’ Golden Temple on behest of providing SECURITY to SIKHS.

    Another LOUSY article GLORIFYING ‘indira Gandhi’ under DOGMA of WOMEN empowerment using GENDER bias as a tool to keep people confused and disoriented.

    Indira Gandhi’s rule as Prime Minister of India was a triumph for women in leadership, yet the nation under her rule was populated by hundreds of millions of impoverished women, whose lives changed remarkably little during her term.

    Read more at:

    Above is obviously another LOUSY article GLORIFYING ‘indira Gandhi’ under DOGMA of WOMEN empowerment using GENDER bias as a tool to keep people confused and disoriented.

    Brexit 2016

    KASHEXIT 2017

    SIKHEXIT 2017

    We’re ALL being PLAYED?

    Trump first major challenge is around on/around DEC 11th 2016 on-cards. DEC 21st 2016 World catches-up with major /turbulence/ leading all the way to JAN 20th 2017.

    TRUMP kicks-IN to kick-OUT Anti-US rhetoric

  4. #predatorINDIAadmin


    2016 Predators award goes to india admin

    A popular Toronto-based Punjabi television host has sparked outrage and a social media backlash after suggesting female international students from India are lazy and promiscuous home wreckers and are coming to Canada just to find men and get married.

    Are INDIA females lazy and promiscuous home wreckers and are coming to Western NATIONS just to find men and get married???

    Muslims rebukes Supreme Court of India on Tripple-Talaq Marriage-Divorce HIJACK, Muslims are NOT like SIKHS where SC can HIJACK Muslims Personal Laws and Values under FAKE dogma of Providing Justice n Security by ‘Court inc’

    Triple talaq: Jamiat tells SC no scope for interference with Muslim personal law

    KASHEXIT 2017

    SIKHEXIT 2017

  5. 2016 TOP PREDATOR awarded to #predatorINDIAadmin

    #predatorINDIAadmin ready with NUKES and MISSILES

    india origin please guilty of US VISA FRAUD
    Tejesh Kodali, 45, of Edison, pleaded guilty in Newark federal court on Thursday to a charge of conspiracy to commit visa fraud in the scheme to enroll foreign nationals in the University of Northern New Jersey in Cranford — a fake college created by federal officials to uncover visa fraud, the statement said.

    read more,

    He was the director of operations of Promatrix Corp. and Blue Cloud Techs Corp. — two “purported international student recruiting and consulting companies” in Edison.

    Kodali admitted he was getting commissions by outsourcing the foreign nationals as information technology consultants to U.S. companies, according to Fishman.

    CHICAGO — An Indian American man who has pleaded guilty to wire fraud awaits sentencing in what authorities describe as a scheme to defraud foreign investors into backing a convention complex by O’Hare International Airport, reports AP.

    The son of a wealthy pharmacist, Sethi was a licensed pharmacy technician in 2003 when his family were partners in a $10 million deal to buy a 122-room hotel on 2.8 acres at 8201 W. Higgins Rd., next to a Hooters along the Kennedy Expressway.

    A few years later, Sethi decided to knock down the hotel and replace it with three hotels and a convention center.

    Sethi and his father, Ravinder Sethi, formed a company that got approval from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in June 2011 to participate in the EB-5 program. The program has come under criticism from two U.S. senators who say it should be reformed or eliminated amid allegations of fraud, abuse and concerns over the foreigners who got visas.

    Sethi settled the SEC case in March 2014, agreeing to pay a $1 million fine, sell the land and refund the money he collected from foreign investors, including the administrative fees that went to the Chinese brokers who lined up investors.

    Five months later, Sethi was indicted for fraud. In January, he pleaded guilty.

    read moron india,


    Did a US Firm Use a Doctor-Industry Nexus in India To Push Through an Untested Drug?

    Pharma companies’ marketing overdrives have come under the scanner following a recent controversy over allegations against an American firm’s sale of a drug in India for nerve disorders leading to numbness or weakness.

    #predatorINDIAadmin HIJACKED US PHARMA by providing SUBSTANDARD PILLS/DRUGS at lower cost COSTING US ailing patients BIG-TIME!

    “Because of this tightening of (US) FDA regulations, there are observations or import bans on plants of Indian pharma companies. This is responsible for the break in Indian pharma companies’ run. Plus, there is pricing pressure on the US generics side,” said Dhiraj Sachdev, senior fund manager at HSBC Global Asset Management.

    We will fight to protect every last American life,’ he said. A large chunk of H1B visa holders are Indian

    “Can you believe that? You get laid off and then they won’t give you your severance pay unless you train the people that are replacing you.

    I mean, that’s actually demeaning maybe more than anything else,” PTI quoted him as saying.

    A large chunk of H1B visa holders are Indian.

    Strong US requires Strong Foreign Policy and deter #predatorINDIAadmin LOBBY US SENATORS

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